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One-Shot® #icecream & #frozenyogurt pod dispensers are inexpensive and an uncomplicated alternative to traditional #softservemachines. #howcleanisyourmachine today? Did you know that One-Shot® dispensers require no sanitising AND with inexpensive machines there is a fast return on investment (ROI) - ideal for national rollout programs.

Posted by The One-Shot Corporation Limited on Tuesday, 1 May 2018
The Real Profit Story is not just about your selling price, your food cost, the number of servings per day, and your opening hours. How about the hidden costs?

If we could present a cost accounting case with your own figures illustrating a payback in less than one year, would you be interested?

Friday, 15 May 2015

Caffé Culture Show 2015 Pictures

Caffé Culture Show 2015 is now over – an amazing range of frozen desserts was dispensed from the stand. We took a few pictures at the show and they are published with this blog entry.

The exhibition appeared to be quite busy as a whole and there was a great deal of customer traffic. It was a nice sunny start to the show with nice weather outside and we had the opportunity to see good clients.

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