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One-Shot® #icecream & #frozenyogurt pod dispensers are inexpensive and an uncomplicated alternative to traditional #softservemachines. #howcleanisyourmachine today? Did you know that One-Shot® dispensers require no sanitising AND with inexpensive machines there is a fast return on investment (ROI) - ideal for national rollout programs.

Posted by The One-Shot Corporation Limited on Tuesday, 1 May 2018
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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

One-Shot® Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Pod Dispensing System - Austria Installation (May 2016)

We have just heard from Pressy Cap that there is now a new One-Shot® Model OS8 pod dispenser installation at Bäckery Richter in Austria. We are extremely excited by this news and we are about to release more news about exciting One-Shot® installation success stories from around the world.

Pressy Cap are a supplier of ice cream and frozen yogurt for the One-Shot® pod dispensing system in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This sales territory is an exciting European based target market for us and we are working diligently on increasing our market share.  

If you happen to see a One-Shot® installation, please send us photographs at and tell us where you saw this dispenser, so that we can repost this on our social media. This 2016 season is very exciting and we are hoping to break a few European export sales records.  

Also check out the Real Profit Story at where we compare One-Shot® against traditional soft serve machines using real cost accounting. Ask about our Kostamzin’ spreadsheets.

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