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Posted by The One-Shot Corporation Limited on Sunday, 14 October 2018
The Real Profit Story is not just about your selling price, your food cost, the number of servings per day, and your opening hours. How about the hidden costs?

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Farm Shop & Deli Show 2018 – Day Three

We are now on the last day of Farm Shop & Deli Show 2018 and we have been rather busy letting world know about the show. If you are local, there is still time to pop by the exhibition stand to try a delicious ice cream or frozen yogurt from one of our One-Shot® dispensers. 

Projuice (Distributor)
Stand G88
Farm Shop & Deli Show 2018
NEC Birmingham

What’s next? We have the FHA2018 exhibition coming up in Singapore and we will be posting more information about that show. There will be an amazing range of halal ice cream and frozen yogurt products served off the stand in Singapore. 

The One-Shot® pod dispensing system has a number of exciting unique selling points. 

* Perfect portion control
* Perfect cost control
* Low cost equipment
* No sanitizing
* No waste
* No heat emission
* Plug-and-go
* Energy consumption less than a 100w light bulb!
* Quiet operation

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