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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Our French Connection

French Food Industry Contacts
Recorded 12 July 2018, Gary McGill, Director of Global Marketing, would like to contact with #French #foodservice contacts. We are building up our #icecream and #frozenyogurt market share in #France and new connections or business referrals would be most appreciated.
Posted by The One-Shot Corporation Limited on Thursday, 12 July 2018

We are very interested in meeting and networking with French food industry companies (further expansion into France is of great interest to us). Gary McGill, our Director of Global Marketing, recorded this video earlier today and he is reaching out to the French food market. Could you help us with these contacts or perhaps refer us to French food industry contacts? 

This embedded video has already gained a lot of international interest with a sizeable number of viewers, as you can see from the video’s viewer count, plus we generally get some rather interesting enquiries coming down the line (we have already had an exceptional sales year). It goes without saying that we have gained some rather exciting market share

Posted by The One-Shot Corporation Limited on Wednesday, 11 July 2018

If the One-Shot® dispensing system intrigues you, it is also worth checking out our REAL Profit story website, so you can check out the NETT Profits rather than GROSS Profits. We believe in delving into the REAL “hidden” costs and win or lose, we would like to present our case, plus the fast ROI that could be achieved may interest you (our inexpensive equipment is HIGHLY scalable for national rollout programs).   

The One-Shot® pod dispensing system has a number of exciting unique selling points. 

* Perfect portion control
* Perfect cost control
* Low cost equipment
* No sanitizing
* No waste
* No heat emission
* Plug-and-go
* Energy consumption less than a 100w light bulb!
* Quiet operation

Please also follow us here on our blog as we publish more global news. Watch out, no matter where you are, the One-Shot® dispensing system is coming your way!™

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